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Anna Rabbit

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Jestem absolwentką Akademii Paredo oraz tatuatorką w studio TattooFamilia. Tatuaż oraz piercing są moją pasją. Posiadam wykształcenie oraz duże doświadczenie pedagogiczne. Uwielbiam przekazywać wiedzę. Obecnie prowadzę szkolenia ze sztuki klasycznej, ilustracji, tatuażu oraz piercingu. 

The paredo academy also offers a piercing course that can be reimbursed by employment offices all over Poland. The training courses take place in Krakow throughout the year, and their program includes theory and practice classes (working on a model), providing reliable and complete preparation for the profession of piercer. Our offer is aimed at both beginners in the art of body piercing and those who want to improve their skills in this field. The piercing course consists of two days of classes. After completing the training, the trainee receives an academy diploma and a certificate.


Course price

2 300 PLN

Course program


Basic course

Theoretical part
  • the history of piercing
  • getting acquainted with the regulation on sanitary requirements and the work of a piercer
  • the structure of the skin and the anatomy of the face
  • hygiene rules, threats to own and client's health
  • first aid
  • why not a gun?
  • types of basic piercing
  • types of needles and earrings, and matching them to the appropriate piercing
  • material specification
  • disinfection and sterilization as well as principles of autoclave operation
  • the healing period of the piercings
  • recommendations for piercing healing
  • customer care after the surgery and possible complications
Practical part
  • treatment and preparation of the position
  • methods of marking the puncture site
  • full performance of the procedure on the model


performing basic piercing (tongue, navel, browbone), lip piercing (labret, monroe, medusa, vertical labret), ear piercing (lobe, helix, rook, daith, conch, snug, antitragus, tragus, industrial, forward helix, flat ), nipples, nose piercing (nostril, septum), smiley

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